Doing well by doing good.

We support the exceptional talent in Israel leveraging innovation and technology to advance our life.


About Us

Investing in start-up companies for the last 20 years.

ADIP is a family investment fund focusing on VC and real estate investments for long-term growth, and on financial vehicles for immediate liquidations when funds are required. We have invested in over 200 initiatives in Israel, US, and Europe.

Our vision is doing well by doing good. We support the exceptional talent in Israel leveraging innovation and technology to advance our lives.

We find humanity is in a stage of an innovative breakthrough. Advances in understanding the human body and DNA, the digital and communication revolutions, the adaptation of AI and Machine Learning across industries -- all bring the future to our doorsteps at an astonishing speed, making it difficult for many to adjust.


We help Israelis use their creativity advantage and their innovative minds to reach meaningful breakthroughs and establish successful, financially beneficial companies.


We focus on Israeli start-up companies in seed and early stage, in the following sectors: Life Sciences (including AI, Medical Device, Bio-Tec, Pharmaceutical, Innovative Operation Procedures), Cyber, CleanTech, IT & Enterprise Software, Semiconductors, and Communications. We also collaborate and invest in and through other funds and VCs in the industry such as Tammar Ventures, Trendlines, Peregrine Ventures and aMoon.

Notable Exits

In the last 10 years ADIP had 57 profitable exits at multiples of 3-65, including:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Selected Portfolio

The Team

Eri Steimatzky

Founder & CEO

Eri is an experienced entrepreneur. He grew the largest and most dominant bookstore chain in Israel. Eri identified the Israeli start-up nation in the evolving stage over 25 years ago and was among the first angel investors in the country.

Osnat Steimatzky

Portfolio Manager

Osnat works with ADIP’s portfolio companies from the early stages of initial investment through mergers, acquisitions and IPO’s. Previously she worked in assets and liabilities management at Bank Leumi. Osnat holds an MBA (Cum Laude) from Tel-Aviv University and a B.Sc in Biology & Economics from the Hebrew University.

Ella Steimatzky

 Strategic Advisor

Ella is a member of the investment committee and advisor for portfolio companies. Previously she worked at ADIP as a Portfolio Manager and led investments in the field of Healthcare. Ella holds an MBA from MIT and B.Sc in Neuroscience (Cum Laude) from Tel-Aviv University.

Arza Shimony, MD

Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Shimony is a senior physician in the Coagulation Disorders Unit at Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson) Hospital. She enjoys evaluating and advising innovative MedTech companies. Arza is a specialist in Internal Medicine and Hematology and she holds an MD (cum laude) from the Hebrew University.



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